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When Employers and Insurers Are Fighting Against You, You Need a Lawyer Who Can Fight Back

In New Mexico, most companies are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Like other kinds of insurance such as car or homeowners, the more claims are made and the more the insurer has to pay out, the higher the cost of the insurance. Accordingly, when employees file workers’ compensation claims, both employers and their insurers have a strong incentive to deny or minimize the benefits to be paid out.

Adjusters are rarely “in your corner.”  Even if the insurance company adjuster is trying to adjust your claim fairly there can be huge differences in what the adjuster on your case thinks is “fair” and what we, as your attorneys, think is “fair.”  It just doesn’t make sense to trust the person who owes you money to tell you how much they owe you. There are many things an insurance company does to try to reduce the amount of money it will pay out on claims:

  • Referring you to doctors whose only patients come from insurance company referrals
  • Assigning nurse case managers who may “direct” you to those insurance company doctors
  • Determining your worker’s compensation rate inaccurately
  • Stopping your benefits even though you haven’t been placed at MMI for all injuries

When employers and insurers stand in the way of injured workers receiving the benefits that they’re entitled to under New Mexico law, we help you fight back.

Working to Get You Every Penny You Deserve

According to statistics from a 2008 study by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, injured workers who hire a workers’ compensation lawyer receive an average of two times more money for their claim, compared to injured workers who did not hire an attorney.

This is because the process of fighting for workers’ compensation benefits can be complex and involves rules and procedures that can be tricky and confusing. Additionally, it is easy to be intimidated by your employer pushing back on your benefits claim. But intimidation doesn’t work on me. As a Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist, I know every aspect of New Mexico workers compensation law, and every tactic that employers and insurers use to try to minimize the amount of benefits they pay injured workers.

We fight for every penny the law provides for you, and bring the experience and insight that comes from helping over 5,000 injured workers obtain their benefits. Your employer and their insurers have teams of lawyers on their side fighting against your rights. You need an advocate who can go toe to toe with them and who has the skills and dedication to get you what you deserve.

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