When You’ve Been Injured On The Job, You Deserve Your Benefits

You work hard and commit yourself to your job and your employer, but when you suffer an injury on the job and can’t work, your ability to support yourself and your family should not be left to chance or the whims of the insurance company. We are New Mexico workers’ compensation attorneys Jeffrey C. Brown & Derek Thompson and we make sure that injured workers receive the assistance and benefits that they deserve.  If you’ve suffered an injury while working, we stand ready to help.

A Track Record of Success Getting Benefits For Injured Workers

We’ve been in practice since 1980 and have helped more than 5000 workers obtain the medical care, money, and benefits to which they are entitled. Our firm has been a Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist since 1995 and we only practice in workers’ compensation law, a focus that gives our clients a combination of experience and commitment that is unmatched in New Mexico.

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